Why Us?

Excellence in People

  • Our team comprises of seasoned professionals with over 1000 man years of combined experience in Revenue Cycle Management
  • Due to a proactive and extensive training program, we have a strong bench which allows us to ramp up very quickly on a large project
  • Experience managing revenue cycle in various specialities including Oncology, Radiology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, ASC, Hospital Outpatient, Home health care etc

Excellence in Processes

  • A continuous ongoing quality assurance program ensures that our teams are constantly on top of the ever changing billing rules.
  • We adapt so you don’t have to. You do not have to change your processes to our way of doing things
  • We work on your software so that all data stays with you at all times.

Excellence in Technology

  • We have worked on most all leading EHR and billing systems including Mosaiq, ONCO EMR, NextGen, IDX, Centricity, Epic, AdvancedMD, Medical Manager etc.
  • We have developed tools to efficiently analyze claims data to identify patterns that lead to denials and fix them proactively.
  • We are constantly investing resources in developing new technological tools to make the Revenue Cycle more efficient.

Excellence in Value Provided

  • Are you still paying 5-6% of collections to a billing company? Talk to us to see how we can save you 50% or more on those fees!
  • We pride ourselves in getting the most money in fastest time at the lowest possible cost!

We create an efficient billing process resulting in:

  • Improved first pass claim success rates.
  • Reduced payer rejections and denials.
  • Increased net collections rate.
  • Reduction in outstanding A/R.

All of this results in Increased cash flow. So not only can we save you money in overhead and “Cost to Bill”, we improve the overall performance of the entire revenue cycle as well.

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